There is no shadow without light

We can also say: in life there is nothing for free,

and it is not always clear and unambiguous what the costs are and what the returns are.

Keep this in mind you will survive the Corona Pandemic

This book is a novel - it provides facettes of the Pandemic and facilitates a balanced view, finally with a positive outcome

Corona Fatality No. 9.243

What is the book about ?

People experience the pandemic in different ways and form their opinions from what they hear and read about it. Some views they find trustworthy and believe, others they do not.

They talk about the respective effects on their own lives and sometimes try to understand and interpret other opinions.
– An elderly man loses his brother, who is considered to have died of covid19,
– the editor of a newspaper discusses the very one-sided and provocative article on compulsory masks with its author
– someone wants to find out the truth and discusses the PCR-test and its implications with his Artificial Intelligence,
– someone describes her experience at a freedom demonstration against the Corona measures,
– the editorial staff of another newspaper cancels a critical article about the negative effects of the measures,
– a satire about narratives is critically examined
– people discuss the possibilities and dangers of vaccination,
– two politicians plot a way out of the crisis,
– a couple decides to move away
… and one of them dies.

For the others, there is life afterwards.

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What do I want to achieve with the book?

The issues associated with the pandemic, such as the dangerousness of the virus, the sometimes novel treatments for those suffering from Covid19, the measures taken to contain SARSCov2 and the data situation are examined from different angles in short stories. Those who fully agree with the government’s measures read about their negative effects, and those who suspect mysterious plans behind the pandemic or at least see government overreach can broaden their view to include the aspect of the difficulties that moderate handling of an unknown pandemic entails for those responsible.

Different aspects are contrasted with partly good, partly not so good, partly factual, partly emotional arguments, always with the aim of being able to better understand the background, i.e. causes and effects, and perhaps also to develop a little more understanding for the justification of other opinions.

The goal here is to gain knowledge.

Many people are suffering psychologically as a result of the pandemic, because the different opinions have led and are still leading to discord in the circle of family and friends. This is often due to the emotionality in which corresponding discussions are conducted, as well as to the belittling of the respective other person simply because he or she is either afraid of the virus or sees his or her freedom existentially threatened. 

The book should help to adopt a somewhat more relaxed attitude. It should become clear that there is a broad spectrum of views and arguments in society, but that their value is not measured by their quantitative imbalance, and certainly does not constitute the value of a person. One can and must be able to love each other despite the most diverse opinions.

The goal here is emotional balance.